Cake Heaven By Rachel


The Brief

Cake Heaven By Rachel is an established Birmingham based bakery, specializing in sweet treats such as cakes and cookies.

Rachel came to me seeking a complete overhaul of the Cake Heaven website so that it tied in with a recent change in branding. The newly revamped website was to be fresh & modern, easy to self-manage & also provide a pleasurable user experience for their customers.


Cake Heaven By Rachel

Colour Scheme

Cake Heaven By Rachel

The Process

To kick start the project, I first devised a colour scheme based on Cake Heaven's new logo and then researched their closest competitors.

A style guide was then given to the client and after getting approval, development began with close contact being maintained with the client throughout the whole process.
Cake Heaven needed to be able to self-manage the website content with ease, so I decided to develop using the Wordpress platform. The Bootstrap framework was also used to ensure that the website would be available on as many devices and browsers as possible.

The use of space, colour, typography and imagery was the main focus when deciding the look and feel of the website, in order to convey the most important and useful information to Cake Heaven's customers.

Both broswer and device testing were carried out during & after developemnet to ensure that the final website was compatible.

The Result

Cake Heaven By RachelCake Heaven By RachelCake Heaven By RachelCake Heaven By Rachel Cake Heaven By Rachel


Wordpress, PHP, Jquery, HTML5, CSS3